Intelliscape Films is a California LLC founded in 1997. The company’s initial focus was motion pictures for corporate use and is now evolving into digital media and feature entertainment. The telltale signs of an Intelliscape project are high production values and capturing emotion, “if the audience will laugh with, hope with you and dream with you, they will buy with you”.

In 2017, Intelliscape has partnered with Compass VR to create a VIRTUAL REALITY & 360 Video division with that have a range of talent and experience in the VR & AR arena.

Intelliscape has traditionally shoot on film but recently; 360 cameras, 4K digital cinema, 3-D beam splitter rigs and DSLR’s are the latest tools. Regardless of aquisition format, the underlining methodology remains the same, employ the best talent and tell a compelling story on budget.